Little People of Ireland (LPI) is the national charity in Ireland for people with restricted growth, providing fundamental information and support to improve the quality of life for people of restricted growth, and their families.

Whether you are a parent or family member of a child with restricted growth or you are a person of restricted growth yourself, you are most welcome to LPI.

Little People of Ireland is a Registered Charity 20046774, providing support and information to people of restricted growth and their families. LPI was founded in 1998 to promote awareness and understanding of the various conditions which lead to restricted growth and to support and assist individuals of restricted growth and their families.

Little People of Ireland (LPI) assists members with their physical and developmental concerns resulting from restricted growth, by providing environmental, educational and occupational guidance and advice.

LPI sources relevant information on employment, education, disability rights, medical issues, clothing, adaptive devices, and parenting tips. Information is provided through workshops and networking. LPI also provides opportunities for social interaction.