A description of the FitboneĀ® limb lengthening device can be read here. There is a news report (Inquirer News Service, Manila) on the device here.

Limb Lengthening

A brief overview of limb lengthening can be read here.

A Little Reality

[From the Boston Phoenix] The father of a girl with dwarfism peers into her future at the annual gathering of Little People of America. Written by Dan Kennedy. Read the article here ….

A Dream Lives in a Grand Design

[From the New York Times] By Timothy Egan, photos by Susan E. Seubert. A feature on Matt Roloff’s Western-theme, dwarf-proportion fantasy park near Portland, Oregon. Read the article here ….

Genetic mutations can affect anybody

Steve Reed is a Major League Baseball relief pitcher. Steve’s second son has achondroplasia. This article was carried in a local newspaper when Steve was playing with the Cleveland Indians. Read the article here ….

So your child is about to start school?

Article by Vita Gagne, mother to an LP child, on the issues faced by an LP as they attend school. Vita is an American so the article has a US flavour but as many issues are common no matter where you live thus you might find something on interest in this. I came by this via a Yahoo discussion group for parents of LPs which you can join if you have a Yahoo Id. Read the article here.

Clinical summary of Achondroplasia

The Kathryn and Alan C. Greenberg Center for Skeletal Dysplasias is dedicated to the medical care and education of persons with skeletal dysplasias, and to the clinical and laboratory investigation into these conditions. The centre is attached to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Centre for Medical Genetics. A clinical summary of Achondroplasia can be read on their website. The main page for their website, which includes summaries of some other conditions and other related items can be found on the page.

Aiming High

By Melissa Hendricks, photos by Mike Ciesielski, Johns Hopkins Magazine, April 1999. A profile of Dr. Michael Ain, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who has Achondroplasia.

Fine Motor Skills

A description, with pictures, of issues facing children with Achondroplasia when it comes to writing and using a scissors.